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Coal Plants Shutting Down

classic sevenOur seven oldest coal plants are shutting down by April 15 after serving Michigan for more than 60 years. Collectively, the plants – affectionately nicknamed the “Classic Seven” – are capable of generating nearly 1,000 megawatts of electricity. Only one other energy provider in the U.S. is retiring a higher percentage of its coal generation than Consumers Energy.

We honor the men and women that have worked at our Classic Seven coal plants, which have powered Michigan’s industrial growth, kept the lights on in our homes and made amazing human and business contributions to their host communities.

Consumers Energy’s Classic Seven coal plants include: 

  • B.C. Cobb 4 and 5, Muskegon, 320 megawatts (MW). 
  • J.C.Weadock 7 and 8, Hampton Township (Bay County), 310 MW. 
  • J.R. Whiting 1, 2 and 3, Luna Pier, 328 MW.

These plants have a long track record of running safely, productively and efficiently. In fact, Whiting’s Unit 3 recently set a company record by operating continuously for 679 consecutive days, the sixth longest run for a U.S. power plant.

Shutting down the Classic Seven plants also will produce environmental benefits:

  • Reduces our carbon footprint by 25 percent
  • Reduces air emissions by 40 percent
  • Results in a water use reduction of 40 percent

Meeting Michigan’s Future Energy Needs

We purchased the Jackson Gas Plant at one-quarter the cost of a new plant to replace the power from the Classic Seven and continue to invest in wind, solar and other renewable energy sources. This ensures we have the power necessary to serve our customers affordably and reliably, with cleaner sources of energy.

Consumers Energy has one of the most aggressive strategies in the U.S. for transitioning to clean energy sources.  In addition to adding the Jackson plant, we’re exceeding the state’s requirement for adding Michigan-based renewable energy to serve customers.

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